Thursday, 1 October 2015

Interview with Folk Guitarist and Bloods fan James White - Gig on 10th October at SWTFC

I recently interviewed James White. James White has got together with friends and SWTFC, to organise a folk music event at the Lane on the 10th October. He is raising money for the refugee crisis. I wanted to know more about the man behind the big smile, curly hair and somewhat interesting past.
1.        JS: There are many charities you could raise money for. Why did you choose to help the British Cross, for the refugee crisis?
 JW: I chose to give to the Refugee Crisis because I am a human being! Quite frankly, this isn't about being British, European, whatever - it is about being a human being. I wouldn't leave my home, my friends, my life and all that for nothing. These are people. They need help, any help! I just want to help, you know? It may not be much but it is something!
2.        JS: Who is you musical influence?
JW: Corr where do I start?! My first album was Madness's greatest hits. But from then on I had an S Club 7 album and a Destiny's Child album. Trust me, I never live it down! It is still in my collection and I always get asked if I am an "Independent Woman. I have the passion just not the ovaries - thanks, Dad! But from then on I got into pop-punk. Sum 41, blink-182 and all that. I still hold them dear! Hell, I f*%#ing flew to the US just to see blink when they reformed! But then on I got into metal and classic rock \m/ Ac/Dc and Angus Young were the reason I first ever got a guitar! Though my first song I learnt on guitar was Come As You Are. Who'd have thought playing four different notes would take weeks to master?! But no one picks up a guitar and sound like Hendrix when they start... Or ever. It was then Guns n Roses and Metallica. But I rarely listen to them now. I'm often heard blasting George Michael's Careless Whisper at full volume in my car! But I mean, I played under the alias of Rage Against Genital Herpes for nine years playing comedy acoustic, so Stephen Lynch is quite possibly the biggest influence. Sorry, Beyonce!
3.        JS: What was the first song you learnt to play on the guitar?
JW: Oh shit! Answered that one! Am I psychic? Actually, forget Come As You Are and taking weeks to master it - I was playing the whole of Hotel California and Sweet Home Alabama five seconds after smelling guitar! No really, it was Come As You Are and it took me forever to learn how to play it...really, REALLY badly!
4.        JS: How many years have you been writing your own songs?
JW: I've been writing songs since I was about 15. Trust me, I wasn't great - I am a very lazy songwriter and I get a lot of help even now from my amazing friend and producer Aliki. That guy is a legend. Seriously, my first song was called Constipation Aggravation. The chorus was just grunting like you were trying to lay cable.
           5.        JS: What was the first record/cd you bought?
JW: Man I answered this one too? I need to shut up more...
6.        JS: What style of music do you play, apart from Folk?
JW: Wait, did I answer THIS ONE TOO? Move over, Derek Acorah!
7.        JS: If you became the PM, what would be your top 3 actions?
JW: Firstly, I'd never want that job! Nooooo way! So my first move would be putting someone else in charge!
8.        JS: Who is your favourite Bloods player and why?
JW: Man that is like asking me who is my favourite kid! You can't pick! They are all glorious. How is that for fence sitting? Seriously though, after last season I couldn't dream of singling out one!
JS: I think you personally love Solks, but nice effort at sitting on the fence.  
9.        JW: You have great hair. Is it all natural or do you curl it?
JS: Cheers man! It covers my ears so that is all I could ever want of it. Mad it turned out the way it did, I must be the milkman's kid! It is all natural. I say that only because it isn't socially acceptable to admit that I shave my dog and superglue the hair on every night...
10.     JS: What has been your favourite Walden match since you became a fan?
JW: Last game of last season. No doubt there! That had it all and most importantly the fact we actually went up!
11.     JS: If your house was burning down, which one possession would you save?
JW: If I don't say my girlfriend I'll be in reeeeeeeal trouble.. So I'm gonna say the Xbox
12.     JS: What is your favourite film of all time?
JW: Gladiator. Didn't you just LOVE Russell Crowe's Spanish accent?!
                JS: On my command, unleash hell!....Such a great line
13.     JS: If the Bloods could sign one player, who would that be?
JW: John O'Shea. He nutmegged Figo once! LUIS BLOODY FIGO!! I jest, Ronaldinho used to be the king. Maybe Zlatan? Imagine that...
14.     JS: Last one, What 3 people (celebrities) would you like to have over for dinner? And what would you cook?
JW:  Wow. That is a tough one. I could be a real bastard and three people who hate each other! Or two serial killers and Katie Hopkins - that'd be worth me dying for. You're welcome, Earth! I really don't know! Everyone says Stephen Fry don't they? He is a total ledge.. Harrison Ford makes it, the guy was Indiana Jones AND Han Solo! And finally, Mark Hoppus. He is just too funny!
Thanks James and good luck for the gig. For more information on the event please contact Ken Vincent at the SWTFC

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