Thursday, 12 November 2015

Hard battle for U18s against Royston Town

Saffron Walden U18s 1 – Royston Town U18s 2

11th November 2015. The Meadow

This match was always going to be a difficult match for the Young Bloods; who still occupy top spot, after an impressive unbeaten run. Royston have not been beaten in the league since the start of the season, and have now made it 5 wins out of 5.

The First Half

The Young Bloods conceded an early goal, after Charlie Dicker slipped; which allowed the Royston forward free on goal. Sam Soutar ran off his line; and made himself as big as possible, but the Royston forward calmly played it around Soutar and took his chance well.

Walden worked hard to get straight back into the game, with a determined run by George Chapell. Chappell crossed the ball to Charlie Dicker, but his shot was not strong enough to beat the Royston keeper.

Jake Thompson stood out in the centre of midfield, and controlled the ball well. He used his strength and size to his advantage. 

The Royston keeper; made a great save at the feet of Charlie Smith. It was a brave decision at full stretch. If he had missed placed his timing, it could have been a penalty.

35 minutes into the match and both team worked hard to gain possession. Each player battled for any loose ball. Royston came close to scoring again; with a powerful header, but the ball went over the cross bar.

Jordan Carter did find the back of the net in the first half, but the Walden forward was caught off side and the goal was disallowed.

Royston came very close to scoring a second goal; in the last minute of the first half, but the ball hit the side of the net.

The Second Half

Charlie Smith made a great run into the box, and delivered a great cross into the 6 yard box, but Royston’s number 3 headed the ball away for a corner to Walden.

Walden worked very hard and dominated the possession for the first fifteen minute of the second half. The Young Bloods worked tirelessly to get an equaliser, but Royston’s back four worked very hard to deny Walden.

Sam Soutar had the save of the match. The Royston forward ran at Sam; and struck the ball very well, but Soutar got down low and fast to deny the great effort.

Jack Young showed great determination at keeping the ball, while under pressure at the corner flag. He managed to get passed the defender, but was tripped and awarded a free kick. The free kick was taken short but it was not effective.

As Walden looked like getting a well-earned equaliser, Royston broke well from a goal kick. Soutar decided to come off his line to try and clear the ball, but the Royston lad played it around Soutar and struck the ball into the back of the net. The ball was hit perfectly; from a tight angle and at the end of the area.

The Young Bloods defence worked really hard throughout and were unlucky to concede a second goal.

Walden finally got a consolation goal in the 90th minute, and finally broke the Royston defence. The ball was whipped in by Sparrow, and finished by Young. Young’s strike smashed the top of the net and was very well deserved,

Young Bloods MOTM goes to Jake Thompson. Thompson worked very hard coming forward and creating chances, and would always retreat back when the defence needed support.

TEAM Soutar, J Dicker, Scott, Garrett, Sparrow, Thompson, Young (Captain), Chappell, Smith, Carter, C Dicker, Eve, Templeman, Leaning, Rand, Arslan.







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