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Manser’s Champions smash 6 past Great Cornard Reserves

Manser’s Champions smash 6 past Great Cornard Reserves

22nd September – The Meadow

What a great night of football. Who cares about Lewandowski’s 5 goals in 9 minutes! Last year’s champions scored 6, and Soutar and company kept a clean sheet. Now that’s what I call value for money. For just £2.00 (£2.50 for non-members), we were treated to some very entertaining football. I recommend any of you to come and watch this rising team in action.

But was Mrs Nash’s flannel needed? Read on and you shall find out.

Ray Manser fielded the pitch with a mix of experienced and younger player.

The Team:

1.       Sam Soutar

2.       Soyaish Gurung

3.       Ryan Dewey

4.       Joe ‘The Boss’ Murphy (Captain)

5.       Jon Griffin

6.       Jon Griffin

7.       Max Drane

8.       James ‘Road Runner’ Crane

9.       Dan Manser

10.   Ben Morrell

11.   James ‘Jammy’ Richardson


Subs: Scott Connor, Dan Weeks, Coby Game, Dave Vant and Luca Riccio


The First Half

The Bloods kicked off, and almost instantly lost the ball to Cornard. Cornard’s number 7 had a good effort on goal, but did not trouble Soutar.

The Bloods first attempt on goal came from a great run by James ‘Road Runner’ Crane. He player the ball into space, and out ran his opponent. He crossed the ball to Manser, who controlled it well, flicked it up, but his shot went wide.

Cornard tried to pressure the back 4 with a free kick, taken by number 4, but his shot was straight at Soutar.

5 minutes in and Ryan Dewey looked threatening with a great run. He held the ball up and waited for an attacker, but his cross was not converted.

Drane and The Boss were managing the midfield well, and found James ‘Jammy’ Richardson’s run from left back. Jammy continued to run at the goal, but he lost the ball, but with perseverance won it back. He shot on goal, but the keeper kicked the ball out the danger.

10 minutes into the game and we had a down pour of rain. It was very heavy and we thought for a moment the referee may call it off. We (the fans) had to move back so we didn’t get soaked. I said to Peter, that I was glad I was not playing. He told me he was glad I wasn’t playing to. Charming!

The rain continued to come down really hard and we couldn’t see very well. However the Bloods continued to look threatening.

Road Runner and The Boss got the crowd on their feet, with a lovely one-two pass. Crane was one on one with the keeper, but his shot went wide.

Our first goal came from Dan Manser, after some great work from Road Runner. RR (Road Runner) beat his man and crossed the ball in for Dan, who stuck out his leg and flicked it passed the keeper. The pressure from the Bloods was paying off.

Jammy continued to look threatening on the wing. He is not afraid to come forward. He ran with the ball from his left back position, and crossed the ball into the box, giving the keeper had no choice but to palm the ball off for a corner.

Gurund who was playing right back was also trying to get in on the action. He dribbled the ball and beat his man. It looked like he was pulled back, but the referee didn’t blow his whistle.

25 minutes in and the rain had stopped. We soon went 2-0 up, after a great flicked header from the Boss to RR. RR crossed the ball to Jammy, who slotted it home. It was great work by all, to open up the defence.

Cornard had a shot, which caught us napping slightly. Luckily the effort was well wide. However shortly after, rising star Soutar, was called into action and made a great save. Soutar got to the ball low and fast preventing it from going under him.

Soutar was not out of the woods yet, but again he made a great save, denying Cornard a way back into the match. I am sure he will have a nick name soon.

Morrell looked great on the wing. He ran at the defence and fell over, rather than screaming for a foul, he shot back up and continued his run. His cross game in but there was nobody home.

Jammy continued to impress with his dribbling and runs. He found Manser in space, but his shot was cleared of the line by Cornards number 3.

Our last great effort of the half came from Ben Mansell. He had a great shot on goal, but was well saved by the keeper.

HT – Bloods 2 nil up

Abbie Mackay was kind enough to make me and Jon a great cup of tea at half time. That girl can make a good brew. Jammy, I hope you like tea?

Second Half

There were not many chances for either side in the first minute. And sorry all but I was busy taking pictures for this blog.

Our 3rd goal was beauty. Crane had got the ball in space and passed it to Morrell. Morrell then dribbled the ball across the 18 yard box. His shot was smashed from 18 yards out and the keeper didn’t move.  It was a great goal by Ben to add to his impressive goal scoring tally.

Jon Griffin left the field to applause and was replaced by Scott Conner. I have been told that Griffin is now off to University, and won’t be playing for the bloods for a while. We wish him lots of luck. Thanks for all your hard work.

Soon after the substitution the Bloods pushed for a 4th. RR was up to his old tricks and tied the left back in knots. His cross was good, but Manser was about a foot away from a potential tap in.

Cornard’s number 5 was taken off and replaced. He went down holding his face. Not sure what was wrong with him. It was a shame because he had been their best player.

Things could not get any better for the Bloods. The Boss man scored a great goal from another assist by RR. He slotted the ball in the top right hand corner making it 4-0. I had a feeling the Boss would score by the end of the match.

Cornard did try and get back a goal, by winning a corner. The corner was easily collected by Reid.

After Cornard’s pressure Morrell almost scored, which would have been a contender for goal of the season, but it went over the bar. His lob over the defender was brilliant. It was very much like Gazza’s goal against Scotland in 1996 (Sorry Mr. Soutar) I was only 14 but will never forget the magic of Gazza. See below link for Gazza’s goal. #Legend


The ‘’we won’t more’’ chants had started, and the Bloods did not disappoint. Jammy latched on to a great cross from Crane who now had 4 assists. Jammy had scored his second and Mrs Nash and Abbie were cheering away. For only 19, Jammy shows great potential and I hope one day he gets the nod from Sticksy. It was 5-0 to the Bloods.

All we needed now was a goal from Crane to top of his fantastic evening!?

Cornard did try and get back a goal, with 2 great back to back efforts on target. However Soutar was having none of it, and pulled off 2 great saves.

Dan Weeks was introduced to the match and replaced Max Drane. Drane continues to impress.

Jammy was also replaced by Manser (I think). I am sorry if I got that wrong.

I have to mention that Mrs Nash almost made it through the match, without bringing out the flannel. She could not resist giving feedback to the referee, on a bad decision in the 89th minute.

To top off an amazing night of football RR got his goal. It had been coming all night, and we were very pleased for him. Drane got hold of the ball and blast it on target. It did take a deflection but it was definitely Craney’s goal. Well done fella.

So the Walden Resssies had just one 6-0! 

MOTM is extremely difficult. I am split between 2 players who really shone. The players are James ‘Jammy’ Richardson and James ‘Road Runner’ Crane………. I am going to have to go with reserves regular Jammy. This is down to his constant improvement and 2 great goals. Well done to all of the players and I hope you enjoyed playing as much as we did watching.

The Reserves next game is away to Brightlingsea who currently occupy 4th place. The match is on Saturday 26th September.

I however will be at the 1st team’s away match against Hadleigh, who have only lost 1 in 6 matches.

Good luck to both of the teams. Let’s build on the great work.

Thanks for reading



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